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Del City Father Accused Of Hitting Infant 22 Times With Comb, Phone Charger
 Jun 19, 2012
By Michael Konopasek, News 9

DEL CITY, Oklahoma - Prosecutors have charged a Del City man with child abuse after police say he beat his infant child. The baby was rushed to OU Medical Center's Children's Hospital after the alleged attack.

Experts say it's amazing the child survived. The father is accused of beating the infant repeatedly. When officers arrived at the home, they found blood on the baby blanket in the crib and marijuana inside the apartment.

Police were called to the Oakridge Village apartment complex in reference to the abuse. On Tuesday, many children were playing just feet away from where police say Joshua Jerell Williams attacked his own child.

"No child deserves that," neighbor Shauna Walker said in disbelief.

Others in the community shared the same shock.

"[If you] can't deal with kids, don't be around them," neighbor Breanna Chaffin said.

Del City Police found the infant with bruising around an eye, nose and forehead. Officers also found cuts on both feet of the child.

"I think it's crazy," Chaffin said. "[I've] got a baby. [If] somebody [did] that to my baby, I don't know what might happen."

Williams tells police he hit the infant with a comb and a phone charger. He admits to striking the child over and over again. He estimates hitting the infant 11 times on the body and 11 times on the face. Police say Williams beat the child because the baby would not stop crying.

News 9 attempted to talk with family members, but no one was available for comment. Police say the baby was alone with the father the entire time of the alleged abuse."To all females out there [who are] leaving [their] babies with [their] boyfriends … don't open your legs if you can't take care of the responsibility that's going to pop out of them after nine months," one neighbor said.

Experts say when a parent thinks he or she is about to crack, it is important to step away from the situation.

"You need to remove yourself from the child and get out of the room … whatever it takes," child development specialist Barbara Wright said.

Parents who need help are urged to contact the child abuse hotline at 1-800-4-A-Child.

Police: Father could face murder charge in infant's death

Child declared brain dead, taken off life support

Jun 14, 2012

OKLAHOMA CITY - A seven-week-old infant police say was abused by his father died Wednesday after being taken off life support.

Oklahoma City police say Corbin Whitlow, who was declared brain dead and taken off life support, died about 5:30 p.m. Charles Whitlow, 20, was arrested after he and the boy’s mother brought the child to Deaconess Hospital on Monday night.

A nurse told police Corbin had bruising to the right side of his temple and what appeared to be a bite mark on his right forearm. The child’s mother told police she was in the shower and left the boy in the care of Whitlow.

She said she heard the baby crying while taking a shower but didn't think it was unusual. After 15 minutes, Whitlow got the mother out of the shower and told her that "the baby was whitish and yellowish," according to police. The two then rushed Corbin to the hospital.

Whitlow was arrested on suspicion of injury to a child and booked into the Oklahoma County Jail.

Police say the cause of death will be determined by the medical examiner's office. They say the investigation is ongoing and charges against Whitlow will be amended to include first-degree murder.

Oklahoma City man accused of killing daughter

Sean Devon Brooks, 31, of Oklahoma City charged with first-degree murder and child abuse in connection with the death of his daughter.

Published: June 11, 2011

An Oklahoma City man faces murder and child abuse charges in connection with the death of his daughter.


Sean Devon Brooks, 31, was charged Friday in Oklahoma County District Court with first-degree murder and felony child abuse. He is accused of killing Serenity Deal, 5, at a northeast Oklahoma City apartment complex where the two lived.

Serenity had multiple bruises on her body and face, the state Medical Examiner's office reported.

Brooks told police Serenity fell to the floor with a convulsion after he helped her out of the shower.

Brooks was granted sole custody of the girl in April after Serenity's mother was accused of molesting a 10-year-old boy. Her mother, Samantha Ann Deal, 36, of Chandler is set to be sentenced July 5.

  • Man Accused In Abuse of Twin Sons In Court Today
Bartlesville -

A Washington County man charged with child abuse involving his twin infant sons will be in court this afternoon.

Twenty-year-old Chester Tanner Cooper was charged Tuesday with two counts of child abuse by injury. He's accused of using force against his two-month-old infant sons.

One of the boys suffered skull fractures and had to be airlifted to a Tulsa hospital. The other boy was admitted to Jane Phillips Medical Center in Bartlesville to make sure he was okay.

Cooper is expected to be in court today for arraignment at one o'clock.

This is the third high-profile child abuse case in Bartlesville in two months.

In October, Maggie May Trammel, a ten-day-old infant girl, was found dead in a washing machine. Her mother, Lyndsey Fiddler, is charged with child neglect in the case.

Then, last week, Joshua Benton was arrested in connection with the death of 3-year-old Christian Norris, who died from blunt-force trauma to his lower back.

Benton was the live-in boyfriend of Christian's mother.

Bartlesville Police Chief Tom Holland says all the abuse cases are taking a toll on the community.

Midwest City father arrested on child abuse complaints

Christopher Thompson Case, 20, of Midwest City, was arrested Monday on felony child abuse complaints. His 2-month-old son is at OU Medical Center with a broken leg and skull fractures, authorities said.

August 31, 2010

— A 2-month-old boy is being treated at OU Medical Center, and his father has been arrested on felony complaints, police said. Travis Ryder Case, who police said was born in June, was taken to the hospital Saturday, Police Chief Brandon Clabes said.

The boy is suffering from a broken femur, two skull fractures and an old fracture to the wrist. Doctors said the injuries were caused by child abuse, Clabes said.

Midwest City police investigator Wade Ramsey interviewed both parents, who denied any knowledge of the injuries. The family lives at 1433 N. Midwest Boulevard, Huntington Place Apartments in Midwest City.

Christopher Thompson Case, 20, the boy's father, was arrested Monday on child abuse complaints. He was booked into Midwest City Police Department jail where he posted $30,000 bail.

The boy is in fair condition at the hospital, Clabes said.

The boy is suffering from a broken femur, two skull fractures and an old fracture to the wrist. Doctors said the injuries were caused by child abuse, Clabes said.

Midwest City police investigator Wade Ramsey interviewed both parents, who denied any knowledge of the injuries. The family lives at 1433 N. Midwest Boulevard, Huntington Place Apartments in Midwest City.

Christopher Thompson Case, 20, the boy's father, was arrested Monday on child abuse complaints. He was booked into Midwest City Police Department jail where he posted $30,000 bail.

The boy is in fair condition at the hospital, Clabes said.

Oklahoma City child death does not bring murder charge

Prosecutor says evidence insufficient to file murder charge against adoptive mother and live-in boyfriend.

BY NOLAN CLAY    Comment on this article 0
Published: August 6, 2010

A dead boy's adoptive mother has been charged with child abuse, and not murder, because the evidence so far is "the abuse did not kill the child,” a prosecutor said Thursday.

"There's no brain injury that would have resulted in death. There's no internal organ injury,” said Gayland Gieger, an Oklahoma County assistant district attorney.

Larandon Nichols, 3, died July 11 at an Oklahoma City apartment. Police reported the malnourished boy had numerous bruises, burns, open wrist wounds, swollen fingers, scars and a large knot on the back of his head. Patches of skin had sloughed off parts of his body.

The adoptive mother, Alibra R. Nichols, 32, was charged Tuesday with one count of child abuse, two counts of child neglect, one count of enabling child abuse and one count of enabling child neglect.

Her live-in boyfriend, Donald Ray Miller, 35, was charged with one count of child abuse, one count of enabling child abuse and one count of enabling child neglect.

Police tell of beatings
Police reported another child, Donald Miller Jr., 6, said he had seen his mommy and his daddy "whoop” Larandon. The boy said "his mommy tells him to also 'whoop' Larandon, and he does,” police also reported.

The boy, Donald Miller Jr., said Larandon was hit with a belt, hangers, sticks and a red baseball bat, police reported.

Police reported the mother admitted whipping Larandon for various reasons and striking Larandon too hard.

The prosecutor said the medical examiner's office is continuing to work to determine the cause of death.

The prosecutor said he could change the charge to murder if the death can be tied to the child's abuse.

Teen Charged with Felony Child Abuse for Allegedly Using Child as 'Stress Ball'

Posted: Aug 08, 2010

YUKON, Oklahoma -- The Canadian County District Attorney has charged an 18-year-old with felony child abuse for allegedly using an infant as a "stress ball."

Doctors notified authorities after they noticed marks consistent with child abuse on a 3-month-old who had been brought in for treatment.

Authorities later learned Sage Marshall had squeezed the 3-month-old boy, bruising him and breaking his ribs.

A police affidavit stated Marshall told police he used the boy as a "stress ball" and squeezed the infant to make him stop crying.

Marshall also admitted that he would sometimes become "so angry" with the child that he "sees stars and gets tunnel vision," accord to the affidavit.

Marshall's bond was set at $10,000.

Mother, boyfriend face child abuse charges in Custer County

Jason Paul Ferguson, 28, is charged in Custer County with child abuse, and the 22-month-old girl's mother, Gabrielle Jaine Silcott, 22, is charged with enabling child abuse.

Published: July 29, 2010

WEATHERFORD — A mother and her boyfriend have been charged in the abuse of a child described by nurses as having bruises over most of her body.

The 22-month-old girl was being treated Wednesday at OU Medical Center in Oklahoma City for injuries discovered Friday, Weatherford police Capt. Todd Doyals said. 

Doyals said the girl is in state custody. Her name was not released.

Jason Paul Ferguson, 28, is charged in Custer County with child abuse. The girl's mother, Gabrielle Jaine Silcott, 22, is charged with enabling child abuse.

Doyals said police responded about 3:50 a.m. Friday to 105 W University. Silcott told police she saw Ferguson punch the girl in the face several times, Doyals said.

Ferguson said he hit her in the face and on the bottom because she would not listen to him, Doyals said.

At a Weatherford hospital, nurses reported finding bruising on the victim's entire body, with a number of bruises on her legs, arms, buttocks, stomach, chest, neck, face and forehead.

Silcott, who lived with Ferguson, told police she saw Ferguson throw her across the room, choke her, and hit the girl on the bottom with enough force to lift her off the floor, according to court documents written by Doyals.

Ferguson also twisted the girl's arms, Silcott told police.

Ferguson was being held Wednesday in the Custer County jail with bail set at $500,000. Silcott's bail was set at $250,000.

July 28, 2010

13-month-old in critical condition; man to be charged with abuse

— A Muskogee man is expected to be charged today with child abuse after a baby was admitted to a Tulsa hospital in critical condition.

Formal charges were being typed late Wednesday against William Herbert Shamblin, 27, said Muskogee County Assistant District Attorney Crieg Rittenhouse.

The 13-month-old is in treatment at an undisclosed Tulsa hospital. Police have not released the name of the child.

Shamblin is being held without bond in the Muskogee County/City Detention Facility.

Police Lt. Bobby Lee said Shamblin told investigators he was playing with the baby when the infant was injured.

“It’s hard to see a child getting injuries like this from playing,” Lee said.

Rittenhouse said a staff doctor said the child suffered from a subdural hematoma (blood on the brain), the basis of which appears to be consistent with child abuse.

“The family is claiming some genetic problem,” Rittenhouse said. “The doctor said bruising on the legs also appears consistent with child abuse.”

Shamblin is scheduled for a bond hearing at 3 p.m. today before Special District Judge Robin Adair, Rittenhouse said.

Muskogee Regional Medical Center called police after the child’s mother and her boyfriend, Shamblin, took the child to the hospital Tuesday night, Lee said. The injuries occurred at Shamblin’s house on Jefferson Street, police said.

Shamblin told police he was the only person with the infant when the injuries occurred, Lee said.

The baby has been in critical condition since being admitted to the Tulsa hospital, Rittenhouse said.

Manslaughter charge filed in Okmulgee County in death of three-year-old

By CLIFTON ADCOCK World Staff Writer
Published: 7/29/2010  2:16 PM
Last Modified: 7/29/2010  2:45 PM

OKMULGEE - Prosecutors have charged the foster parent of a 3-year-old Muscogee (Creek) Nation foster child killed in November with first-degree manslaughter.

The charges against Sharon Whitecloud, 61, come nearly nine months after the death of Kyra Zubah, who was admitted to a Tulsa hospital after suffering blunt force trauma to the head.

On Nov. 10, Zubah was declared brain dead and was taken off of life support. Zubah had been in the care of a foster parent through the Oklahoma Department of Human Services since she was 11 weeks old, prior to being placed in Whitecloud’s care.

The Creek Nation’s Child Welfare department took over Zubah’s case in February 2009 and placed her in the care of Whitecloud. Under the Indian Child Welfare Act, tribal child welfare programs have jurisdiction in cases in which an tribal member is involved, and placement in an Indian foster home is preferred over a non-Indian foster home.

According to the Oklahoma Medical Examiner’s Office, Zubah died of blunt force trauma to the head.

The charges, which were filed on Wednesday, allege that Whitecloud assaulted Zubah by grabbing, shaking and pushing her, causing the child to hit her head on a solid object.

The charges also list an alternative charge of first-degree manslaughter that states Whitecloud committed the crime during the heat of passion and did not intend to kill Zubah.

Whitecloud appeared in Okmulgee County District Court on Wednesday, where her bond was set at $75,000. The bond was paid and Whitecloud was not taken into custody.

Bryan County


Victim(s): Cheyenne Wolf (11 years)

Date of Death: April 2008

Custodial father, stepmother charged in girl's death.

Dad kills 2 kids, shoots himself at Scottsdale home

by Jennifer Thomas

Posted on March 31, 2010

SCOTTSDALE -- A father reportedly shot his two children and then himself at a Scottsdale home Wednesday morning.

According to Scottsdale police Officer David Pubins, at approximately 8 a.m. a man called 911 and said he had shot his child.

When police officers arrived at the home near Lincoln Drive and Scottsdale Road, they forced entry and found two small children dead from apparent gunshot wounds.

Pubins said the 39-year-old father also shot himself. He was transported to a local hospital with non life-threatening injuries and is expected to survive.

No one else was home at the time of the shootings. The mother came back to the scene and is being helped by a crisis management team.

There is no information on the ages of the children.

Police do not know the motive for the shootings.

Detectives are expected to be on scene throughout the day as the investigation continues.

Father Sentenced For Killing  Daughter
Suspect Also Spent Time In Prison For Abusing Son
 March 31, 2010

OKLAHOMA CITY -- An Oklahoma City man who served nine years in prison for abusing his infant son has been sentenced to life without parole for killing his infant daughter.

Thirty-eight-year-old Willis Joe Lambert Jr. pleaded guilty Monday to first-degree murder in the June 2009 death of 6-month-old Rachel Lambert. Court documents said he admitted he violently shook the girl when she resisted getting dressed after a bath.

Records show Lambert was released from prison in 2008 after serving nine years for abusing his son in 1998. Police said he placed a rag over the 1-month-old boy's mouth because he was crying and that the child suffered injuries from lack of oxygen.

Bartlesville man charged with child abuse
By LAURA SUMMERS World Correspondent
Published: 2/19/2010  3:09 PM

BARTLESVILLE - A 47-year-old Bartlesville man has been charged with felony child abuse in Washington County.

Dean Bryan Douglas Sr. was given a $15,000 bond.

Bartlesville police were called to Jane Phillips Elementary School earlier this week to interview a 5-year-old boy who had bruises on his back, neck, arm and buttocks, a court affidavit stated.

The child told police his stepfather, Douglas, grabbed him by the neck, threw him on a bed and spanked him with a black belt because he thought the boy kicked a toy car across a room on purpose, according to the affidavit.

Douglas admitted spanking the boy and grabbing him by the arm, but e said he did not intend to leave marks on the child.

Douglas has previous convictions in Washington County.

Okla. man accused of killing wife, kidnapping girl


OKLAHOMA CITY — A woman found beaten to death in a motor home recently sought a protective order against her estranged husband, an ex-convict who was charged Tuesday with killing her and kidnapping her 7-year-old daughter.

Comanche County prosecutors charged Lester William Hobbs, 46, with first-degree murder and kidnapping in the killing of Tonya Hobbs and disappearance of her daughter, Aja Daniell Johnson.

Hobbs' body was discovered Sunday inside Lester Hobbs' motor home in Geronimo, a small town about 100 miles southwest of Oklahoma City. Lester Hobbs and the missing girl, who is not his biological daughter, were last seen by relatives Saturday evening.

"He has gone from being a person of interest in this case to a criminal defendant," Comanche County District Attorney Fred Smith said.

The medical examiner's office has not determined the official cause of death, but charging documents show Tonya Hobbs suffered blunt force trauma to her body.

In August, Tonya Hobbs sought a protective order against Lester Hobbs, writing in a petition that he threatened her daughters and vowed to kill her if she ever left him.

"My husband has threatened to hit my daughters in the head with a hammer and kill them," she wrote.

AP: Hunt on for Man Believed to Have Taken Girl

An emergency protective order was granted, but the case was dismissed two weeks later when both Tonya Hobbs and her husband failed to appear in court, records show.

Tonya Hobbs traveled with her two daughters to Geronimo on Saturday in an attempt to reconcile the relationship with Lester Hobbs, said Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation spokeswoman Jessica Brown.

Tonya Hobbs' older daughter stayed with Hobbs' relatives and is not missing.

Aja's father, J.J. Johnson of Oklahoma City, delivered a tearful plea Monday for the girl's safe return.

"Please Lester, if you're listening, anybody who knows where she is, please take her to a safe spot," Johnson said. "I'll see that she's picked up with no questions asked.

"She's only been seven years old for 20 days."

Oklahoma authorities issued an Amber Alert on Monday and asked law enforcement agencies to be on the lookout in Texas, California and Oregon, where Lester Hobbs has relatives.

Lester Hobbs was last seen driving his wife's 1992 Toyota Paseo with the Oklahoma license plate number 577-BPW. The car has no hubcaps and has plastic covering the rear passenger window.

"Time is not working in our favor in this situation. We need to find this girl as soon as possible," Brown said.

Lester Hobbs has several tattoos, including the letters "LOVE" stitched on the fingers of his left hand and "ROSE" on the fingers of his right hand.

Aja Johnson is 4 feet tall and weighs about 65 pounds. She has brown, shoulder length hair and brown eyes, officials said.


 Brylee Watson, 2 Months Old, Killed by Father

By ROBERT MEDLEY The Oklahoman
Published: January 20, 2010

Jacob Lynn Watson, 24

MIDWEST CITY — A man facing a murder complaint in the death of his 2-month-old daughter said he was upset with his wife and took it out on the baby, police said Tuesday.

Brylee Watson was pronounced dead Monday.

Her father, Jacob Lynn Watson, 24, is being held in the Oklahoma County jail, police said.

Doctors said Brylee suffered nine fractures, including both arms, her ribs and her skull, Midwest City Police Chief Brandon Clabes said.

A medical examiner’s preliminary report shows blunt force head trauma caused the baby’s death, spokeswoman Cherokee Ballard said. Other injuries included a lacerated liver. The death was ruled a homicide.

Ballard said the full autopsy might take several weeks to complete.

Jerri Kamman, who is pregnant and has a 2-year-old daughter, said she was sickened by what happened a few houses away.

Kamman said she learned Tuesday her neighbor was in jail and his infant daughter was dead.

Watson called 911 about 10:45 p.m. Friday and said Brylee was not breathing. The baby was taken to OU Medical Center and was placed on life support on Saturday, Clabes said.

Emergency personnel dispatched to 2605 N Thornton Drive found Brylee not breathing and began performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation. OU Medical Center doctors said she was a victim of abuse, Clabes said.

"These are the cases that pull at your heart,” Clabes said. "When you look at the amount of fractures, it is unimaginable the pain this child went through — probably more than most people experience in a lifetime.”

Detective Steve Simonson interviewed several family members, including Watson, who was taking care of Brylee while her mother was at work Friday.

Watson initially said he put Brylee in her crib and checked on her a few moments later and she was not breathing. Then he said he was carrying Brylee when he tripped over their cat — dropping the girl to the concrete floor then falling on top of her, Clabes said.

"Watson then told us a third version in which two black males broke into his house, stole money from him and then physically abused Brylee and another 2-year-old child in the home,” Clabes said.

Finally, Watson said he caused the injuries because he was upset about his deteriorating relationship with his wife and "took it out on Brylee,” Clabes said.

Watson was arrested on a child abuse complaint Saturday and booked into the Midwest City jail, Clabes said. The complaint was changed to murder after she died.

The other child in the home was taken into protective custody, Clabes said.

Blunt force killed child, Oklahoma medical examiner's ruling states

About five hours passed Wednesday between the time Eddie Valdez told police he savagely beat his girlfriend’s 3-year-old son and the time the child died.


The state medical examiner’s office has ruled that Eli Johnson’s death was caused by blunt force injuries to the head and abdominal area.

A police report released Friday indicated officers were dispatched to Southwest Integris Medical Center after nurses called 911 about a child with severe head trauma who had been brought in by personal vehicle and "would possibly not make it.”

While at the hospital, Valdez confessed to beating the child, police said.

And the boy’s mother, Tye Nicole Johnson, 24, later told police that she knew something was wrong with Eli but she didn’t take him to the hospital for five hours.

Police said Valdez, 23, and Johnson were arrested Wednesday on complaints of first-degree murder. Valdez also faces a child abuse complaint, and Johnson faces a complaint of permitting child abuse.

man shot and killed his wife during a heated argument then shot and killed self

Man Blamed In Murder-Suicide

Billy Vivian, 36, Died Thursday Afternoon

Billy Vivian, 36, died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound a day after he killed his wife during an argument, police say.

Homicide investigators were called to Northeast 67th Street and Santa Fe Avenue at 10:38 p.m. When police arrived, they found Candace Vivian, 38, dead of multiple gunshot wounds.

Police said the woman was shot inside her home while her children — ages 10 and 13 were inside. One of those children called 911 for help.

Officers quickly developed information that the woman had been in a heated argument with her husband. Police said Billy Vivian shot her and then fled in the couple’s automobile.

At approximately 11:35 p.m., police spotted the vehicle parked alongside a road near Northeast 63rd Street and Air Depot Road. The officer stopped to check the car and found Billy Vivian suffering from what appeared to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

He was transported to OU Medical Center in critical condition, where he died on Thursday.

Previous Record

Vivian already had a murder conviction on his record at the time of his death. Vivian killed Carolyn Olterman’s son Daniel nearly 15 years ago when he and his brother fired into 11 people.

He served only seven years in prison because an appellate court overturned his conviction. After the ruling, he pleaded guilty to a lesser charge.

"I knew that was going to happen again. It was only a matter of time," Olterman said. "Knowing he spent seven years behind bars made me angry."

She said that after hearing about the murder-suicide, she wrote Vivian a letter.

"I just wanted him to know that he got that second chance and he threw it away and he threw his wife’s away and he threw his children’s (lives) away," she said.

She said her heart goes out to the children who were orphaned by Vivian’s actions.

"I hate that he took his wife’s life, but taking his own life was fine by me, if he couldn’t stand living with himself." Olterman said.

She said she had a special connection to the 13-year-old boy because he wiped away her tears during the trial.

SAPULPA, Okla. -- Police said they've found the mother who left her newborn baby in a Sapulpa trash bin over Memorial Day weekend.

Investigators said DNA evidence led them to Kristina Blackburn, 30, who has been arrested and charged with child abuse. She is being held in lieu of $100,000 bond.
"Most people were assuming it was a troubled teenager," said Sapulpa police Maj. Jeff Gilliland.
Jim Lakey found the baby in the Dumpster while taking out trash at the Disabled American Veterans Building. He wasn't supposed to be there, but came to clean up.
"I think God had his hands on that child and that is the only reason Mr. Lakey found that child," Gilliland said. "Otherwise that child would not be found at all.
The child is now in state custody and is doing fine.
Gilliland said Blackburn is a heavy-set woman whom no one knew was pregnant.
"I would ask the district attorney to try and try her at the highest child abuse (charge) possible, because in my 29 years of working at the police department, I have never seen such an abuse of a child in all those years," he said. "I believe any average human being leaving a child in a dumpster is leaving a child to die."

Jonathan Todd heads to circuit court on felony child abuse charge

by Heather Lynn Peters | The Muskegon Chronicle
Monday June 01, 2009, 10:37 PM

Jonathan Todd

MUSKEGON HEIGHTS -- The Muskegon Heights father charged with brutally beating his 12-year-old daughter to the point she couldn't walk on her own is headed to circuit court.

Jonathan Joel Todd, 43, of 3031 Waalkes, waived his preliminary examination Monday in Muskegon County 60th District Court before Judge Michael J. Nolan. He is charged with first-degree child abuse, a felony.

An arraignment in Muskegon County 14th Circuit Court is slated for June 8.

Family and friends of Todd and or the victim packed the courtroom. The victim currently is in a foster home, according to Matt Roberts, assistant Muskegon County prosecutor.


Todd, who is free on bond, was dressed in jeans and a gray shirt and quietly answered the judge "yes" when asked if he understood his decision to waive the preliminary examination.

Todd declined to comment after the court hearing, saying he would rather his attorney speak on his behalf. Todd is being represented by Lansing-based attorney Michael L. Oakes, who could not be reached for comment.

Police said Todd posted his $25,000 bond just days after his May 17 arrest at his home where the alleged beating --involving an extension cord, a belt, his fists and his feet -- took place.

A Muskegon Heights police official called the beating -- allegedly carried out by the 380-pound, 6-foot-10-inch father -- the worst he's ever seen.

Muskegon Heights Police responded to the home on Waalkes around 7:40 p.m. May 17 and found the brutally beaten 12-year-old girl unable to walk down the steps to meet officers. She was carried out of the home and transported to a hospital by ambulance.

The girl was bruised all over her body, her hair had been pulled out in some areas and she had a swollen right leg, police said.

Todd told authorities he beat his daughter because she runs away from home.

Please send notes of gratitude to the Oklahoma Congress for passing the Protective Parent Reform Act which is schedule to take effect iNovember 2008.

As we go forward might the people of Ok. see a great reduction in the
following types of tragic cases such as those below.

In Oklahoma:

  • An average of 23,000 reports of suspected child abuse or neglect are made each year.
  • Over one-third of the reported cases are confirmed as child abuse or neglect.
  • Confirmed cases of abuse have risen 71% in the past decade.
  • Children between 7 and 11 years of age are reported most often as a victim of child abuse, and the biological parent is most commonly the perpetrator.
  • An average of 23 children die each year from abuse or neglect.
  • Over half of the child abuse/neglect deaths involve children less than two years of age.
  • Among child abuse/neglect deaths, blacks, Native Americans, and Hispanics are over-represented.
  • Nearly seven out of the 10 deaths involve children not previously involved with the Department of Human Services, Child Protective Services

Police: Infant Dies From Child Abuse

 May 11, 2009

Leflore County officials said Kayla Furney and Aaron Hinson brought their unconscious baby to the Poteau Hospital early Saturday morning.
Doctors at the hospital called 911 asking for an officer after noticing a large foot print on the 3-month-old's chest. Leflore County officials said the child also suffered from blunt force trauma to the head and marks on his neck.
The infant was airlifted to a Tulsa hospital where he died early Monday morning.
Tulsa doctors told Leflore county officials that they found old fractures to the infant's arm and head through X-rays, leading police to believe the infant had been previously abused.
"The doctors and of course the staff here and at Tulsa both have confirmed injuries that are consistent with child abuse. Now whether these were ever reported before or not we don't know at this time," Leflore County Sheriff Bruce Curnutt said.
Deputies said they believe the father is responsible for the infant's death but also said the mother may have known about the abuse.
A 2-year-old girl was also in the home at the time.
Deputies said she is now in DHS custody and they are launching an investigation to determine if she has ever been abused.
Hinson is being charged with murder. Furney is facing failure to protect and child abuse charges

False Report Leads to Child Abuse Case


"The caller had called 911 and stated that his son had been struck by a horse," Sgt. Jennifer Wardlow, Oklahoma City Police Dept.

7:00 Thursday evening Wilbert Bradford told police his 2-year-old son wandered into the backyard, spooked their horse and was kicked in the head.

"The child had very extensive injuries and extensive bruising all over the body," said Sgt. Wardlow.

But after the boy got to the hospital, doctors realized his injuries didn't match up to Bradford's story.

"Through speaking to the doctors and investigators being there on the scene they determined this was in fact a case of child abuse," said Sgt. Wardlow.

21-year-old Bradford was then arrested and booked in the Oklahoma County Jail. The boy and his sibling were taken into protective custody and child abuse experts say that is the only way to keep them safe.

"It's those children that can't defend themselves and speak up and let anyone know what's going on," said Jennifer Hudson, CASA spokesperson.

Hunter, who works for CASA or Court Appointed Special Advocates deals with child abuse cases like this one all the time. She says she's not surprised this father lied about his son's injuries.

"Yes we see it quite often, they don't want to admit it and they don't view themselves as the perpetrator. They'll do anything to defend themselves," said Hunter.

State charges against Bradford are pending and Hunter says no matter what happens these kids have gone through a traumatic experience and will need some help getting through this situation.

"The kids need someone that's there for them someone that's there for their best interest," said Hunter.


Published March 04, 2009 10:20 pm -

Man guilty of child abuse
Girl in his care was raped, got genital warts, no medical treatment

By Donna Hales
Phoenix Staff Writer

A Muskogee County jury deliberated four and a half hours Wednesday before finding Alfonso B. Smith of Haskell guilty of child abuse by injury.

Smith, who will be 67 Friday, was the guardian of a 2-year-old when she was raped and was developing a genital deformity, according to court filings. Smith was charged with failing to seek medical attention for her.

The toddler had contracted a sexually transmitted disease from being raped, had a seriously bruised genitalia and genital warts, evidence reflected.

Prosecutors could not present evidence as to who raped the child.

Muskogee Police Investigator Shannon Crary said Smith did not seek medical treatment for the toddler’s symptoms during an approximate seven-week period.

The child had to undergo surgery for genital warts, jurors were told.

Jurors recommended Smith be sentenced to one year’s probation.

“He was earlier offered probation, but rejected it,” said Assistant District Attorney Nikki Baker Dotson, who prosecuted.

The child went without medical attention from Sept. 1 to Oct. 7, 2007, Dotson said.

Smith could have faced up to life in prison, according to court documents. He has been free on a $50,000 bond since June 9, 2008, according to jail booking records.

Before dying, boy told how dad doused him with gas

As he lay in a hospital burn unit five weeks before he died, a 7-year-old boy provided graphic details to his mother about how his father doused him and his brother with gasoline in a bath tub and then set them on fire, prosecutors said in court Friday.

Kaushik Patel (Tribune photo by Bill Hogan)                                     Om Patel, 4 (left,) and Vishv Patel, 7. (Family photo)

Over two consecutive days in January 2008, Vishv Patel gave his mother, Nishaben, an account of what happened to him and his 4-year-old brother Om two months earlier in their Glendale Heights home, Assistant DuPage County State's Attorney Alex McGimpsey said.

Kaushik Patel, 35, has been charged with the murder of his sons and faces the death penalty if convicted at his trial, which is scheduled to start in April. Illinois law requires a judge to approve the testimony of a deceased person before the trial. Judge Kathryn Creswell said she will rule March 4 on the state's request to use details from the conversation between Vishv and his mother.

According to McGimpsey, Vishv told his mother that on the afternoon of Nov. 18, 2007, his father took the boys to buy toy cars, stopped to buy some gasoline, and then went to the family home. Vishv said that their father "told them in get into the bathroom and to get into a green tub."

"Vishv said Daddy poured something over them and he knew it was gas, not water. It burned his eyes as it was poured over him," McGimpsey said. "Vishv then said Dad stood up with a lighter, he heard some noise and him and his brother were hurt."

Two Glendale Heights police who were at the Loyola Medical Center on Jan. 13, 2008, said that Vishv's comments were slow and deliberate and that he had to catch his breath after every few words. The police had brought a video camera to record the young boy's comments after being told by the mother the statements he had made the previous day. But hospital personnel wouldn't allow the equipment in the burn unit.  

Om died of his injuries on Jan. 17, 2008, and Vishv on Feb. 19. 2008.

Patel originally contended that he was trying to commit suicide when the boys ran into the bathroom and were accidentally set on fire. But later in a jailhouse interview with the Tribune, he claimed he didn't remember lighting the fire.

DuPage County States Attorney Joseph Birkett has declined an offer from Patel to plead guilty to the crimes in exchange for a life sentence.

--Art Barnum

Rest in Peace

Please read this tragic story of little Christopher and ask yourself if Child Protection acting properly.  Keep in mind that they go on evidence and testimony.  However, this little boy did say his father hurt him and even though he recanted, we feel CPS should have considered the physical facts, black eye, cut lip, bruises etc and realized the child recanted out of fear.  We believe Christopher recanted as he was just a small boy trying to survive.

We ask for people to seriously consider if their was any point where the child should have been removed from this household.  If so why and if not why.

We are not anti CPS but we are anti child abuse.  there are many groups which claim CPS are stealing kids with false allegations.  We really don't see that happening.  We see CPS is overly caution in most cases and remove children as a last resort.  We do see that when child abuse claims are made against a parent or stepparent, the courts and/or CPS try very hard to disprove the allegations.

Please do not let the tragedy of little Christopher death go in vain.  In memory of Christopher let us work to end these atrocites.

Christopher will never be harmed again and yet many others will.  God bless the children.

Please click for the full State Report on Christopher's Death and Reports to Ok Child Protection

Grandparents Charged With Child Abuse

Last Update: 2/02/2009 11:04 pm
Kids tied to the bed, duct taped, threatened to have their heads cut off.  Shocking allegations of child abuse against an Owasso grandmother and grandfather.  Police have arrested 68-year-old Paul McKinney and are still looking for his wife, 65-year-old Mary McKinney.  They’re each charged with three counts of child abuse by injury.  Police say this all happened in the 300-block of West 3rd Street in Owasso.  FOX 23’s Douglas Clark has the details.
The twin grandchildren of Paul and Mary McKinney have been living with their legal guardian for the last two years.  Before that, they lived with their grandparents and just recently began telling their guardian about the abuse they endured from the two people who were supposed to love them most. 
What seems like a quiet house in a quiet Owasso neighborhood, police say was anything but.  For two young children, it may have been a house of horror.  Between August of 2004 and January 2006, Paul and Mary McKinney allegedly abused their two twin grandchildren, a boy and a girl.
According to police reports, the kids were “duct-taped on the eyes with cotton balls over their eyes”, locked outside for “long periods of time in the dark”,
threatened to get “their heads cut off with swords”.  One child also told police Paul McKinney threatened to “cut out his tongue with a pocket knife”.
“He seemed like a really nice man,” says one neighbor.
Neighbors say Paul McKinney is a former marine.  His wife worked at the Barnes Elementary cafeteria.  And those we spoke with say there were red flags. 
“The little girl has come to our house before,” says a neighbor.  “She said her grandparents abused her.”
“They said they were getting abused and their grandpa and grandma were hitting them,” says the neighbor’s 12 year old son
“I saw the twins when they were babies,” says the neighbor’s daughter.  “And they didn’t treat them like babies.  They were really rough with them.”
Neighbors say they called police, but say cops couldn't verify the kids' story.  The allegations began surfacing after the two kids began seeing a therapist

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Rest in peace
Sweet little boy

 Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation
A. DeWade Langley 

Jessica Brown

Public Information Director


 8/13/07                 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE           


OSBI Investigates Coweta Child Abuse Death

The Coweta Police Department requested OSBI assistance with a child abuse case Sunday which resulted in a homicide investigation at 30382 E. 150th Street, apartment #1.   Sunday afternoon, a 2-year-old boy was taken by ambulance to St. Francis Hospital in Tulsa.  Doctors there pronounced Kelynn Eric Byrd (dob 12/27/04) dead.

Investigators interviewed and later arrested the child’s step father, Michael Hernandez (dob 7/14/84).  He was booked into the Wagoner County jail on a first degree murder complaint.   The child’s mother was not at the home when the abuse took place, but returned to find her son in distress and called for help.

The medical examiner will perform an autopsy to determine manner and cause of death.


The accused is an illegal alien and accused of kicking this little boy to death.


Rest In Peace

Kelsey Briggs
Lance Briggs and his ex-wife, Raye Dawn Porter had had a rocky marriage to say the least, it ended with their divorce, but it also lead to the birth of a charming little girl on December 28th, 2002, who could capture hearts with just a simple smile. Kelsey Briggs spent the first years of her life surrounded by the love of her extended family, who would soon learn just how fragile Kelsey's life really was.

Allegations of abuse began, and it wouldn't be long before Kelsey was removed from her mothers care, and put into the custody of Lance's parents. As for Lance, well- he found himself serving his country overseas, and little did he know that back home there was a war waging that would cost him his daughters life.

After a series of bruises and broken bones, the judge on the case who was suppose to have the best interest of Kelsey in mind, released her back into the custody of her abusers.

Kelsey's Story can be read here
, where I have spoken about it before.

Kelsey, and those who loved her best, lost the battle to protect her, when she was beaten to death October 11th of 2005, just months before her birthday. Lance had been on his way home, after being injured in Iraq, when he learned of his only child's death.

Kelsey's mother was charged with enabling child abuse and child neglect, her husband Mike Porter was charged with murder in connection with her death. Only, he most likely will never face a judge or jury for that charge, as news has been released that he was offered, and is planning to accept a plea deal lowering the charges to a lesser charge which would net him 30 years in prison.
A published report says a man accused in the death of a Meeker toddler has agreed to enter a plea to a lesser charge and receive a 30-year prison term.
The Oklahoman says Lincoln County prosecutors have agreed to drop first-degree murder and child sexual abuse charges against Michael Lee Porter.

The 26-year-old would instead face a charge of enabling child abuse for the October 2005 death of Kelsey Smith-Briggs. Porter was scheduled to go on trial February 12th.

Kelsey's family, those who struggled to save her, and then fought for a law that would prevent this sad story from replaying in the lives of other people have created a website and forum in Kelsey's memory. You may visit it here.

Eternally together
Tye 5, Keelie , 7, and Cirea 9,

Three Siblings Found Dead in Okla. House

Friday, August 26, 2005

  • Fort Cobb, Okla. (AP) --

The bodies of three children were discovered in their family's burned-out house Friday, and their father was in custody as a suspect in their deaths, authorities said.

The children's father had been served with a protective order the night before the blaze, FBI spokesman Gary Johnson said.

In the petition, Traci Payne alleged her husband had slapped and threatened her and said "he would kill me, him and the kids," Caddo County court records show. She said there "guns and knives" in the home and asked that the court keep her husband away from their home and the children.

The bodies of Tye Payne, 5, Keelie Payne, 7, and Cirea Payne, 9, were pulled from their charred house following the early morning fire on Caddo Nation federal trust land.

Their father, Dean Payne, 47, was arrested as a suspect, Johnson said. Federal agents are investigating the case because the children died on Indian land.

The children's mother was not home at the time of the fire and is unharmed, said Charles Addington, district chief of police for the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

The exact cause of the children's deaths was not immediately known, Johnson said

Rest In Peace

Published: October 04, 2007 12:22 pm            

Report details child’s abuse, death

Alice Collinsworth
The Edmond Sun

EDMOND Five-year-old DeClan Stewart’s family had a long history of interactions with the Department of Human Services, according to a 16-page report released Wednesday by the Oklahoma Commission on Children and Youth Office of Juvenile System Oversight.

DeClan died Aug. 12, and a first-degree murder charge was filed Aug. 30 against Marcus Clancy, the boyfriend of DeClan’s mother, Janet Stewart.

The report lists seven referrals to DHS, beginning Dec. 31, 2005. The initial referral stated the child was examined at an emergency room. The report stated this was the fourth visit to the ER for the child. DHS assigned the referral as a Priority 1 for investigation.

A skull fracture was reported Jan. 4, 2006; on the same day, DHS received a referral alleging the child had been seen at school with bruises on his head.

On Jan. 9, 2006, a report stated the child was seen in an emergency room with bruising to his genitals, thigh and buttock. The reporting party stated the child had not urinated for a week, had been vomiting, and remained in a fetal position most of the time.

DeClan was admitted to the hospital and placed into police protective custody at that time. He was discharged from the hospital Jan. 11, 2006, and placed in a shelter, then transferred to a different facility Jan. 12.

On Jan. 20, 2006, the child was placed in a kinship foster home.

On Jan. 24, 2006, DHS received a referral alleging the child had not attended school since Jan. 4.

The final referral was received Jan. 25, 2006, alleging the child had missed an appointment at a medical clinic.

DHS re-opened its investigation Feb. 2, 2006, documenting two police reports regarding possible sexual abuse.

On Feb. 3, the district attorney filed an amended petition requesting to terminate the mother’s parental rights to the child. A court hearing took place Feb. 6, 2006.

The journal entry by the court stated the Indian Child Welfare Act applied in the case and the Cherokee Nation was the designated tribe. The court ordered visitation to occur between the child and his mother and requested that DHS prepare a voluntary treatment plan for the mother.

On Feb. 25, 2006, the DHS received a letter from the Cherokee Nation acknowledging its possible involvement in the case.

On March 6, 2006, DHS recommended that the mother’s parental rights be terminated. The court requested that the Cherokee Nation be notified and the district attorney’s office issue notice by publication for the child’s biological father. The mother requested a jury trial.

The biological father’s parental rights were terminated May 23, 2006.

On June 19, a court ordered that the child remain in DHS custody, but a court entry stated that the Indian Child Welfare Act did apply.

Documentation stated that the mother had attended anger management and parenting groups.

DHS prepared a voluntary family service agreement for Marcus Clancy, including parenting classes, anger management, substance abuse prevention services, family therapy and individual therapy.

DHS determined Aug. 16 that the child was unsafe in the home based on a safety assessment.

On July 3, the child was placed back in the mother’s home for trial reunification. DeClan remained in DHS custody. A journal entry in the court record stated the mother had completed her treatment plan and the Cherokee Nation was in agreement with the reunification.

On Aug. 11, DHS received a referral alleging the child had suffered a subdural hematoma and was unconscious and unresponsive.

Edmond Police reported that Clancy claimed the child was climbing in a closet to try and reach a pair of binoculars and fell, hitting the back of his head against a metal bed rail.

However, continued police investigation eventually led to the first-degree murder charge filed against Clancy. He remains in Oklahoma County Jail.

The Cherokee Nation could not be reached for comment this morning.

Oklahoma Laws


Thursday, March 6, 2008

House Bill No. 2810

HB 2810


An Act relating to marriage; creating the Protective Parent Reform Act; prohibiting certain circumstances to act as a cause for the modification of custody; providing for codification; and providing an effective date.

An Act relating to marriage; creating the Protective Parent Reform Act; prohibiting certain circumstances to act as a cause for the modification of custody; providing for codification; and providing an effective date.

An Act relating to marriage; creating the Protective Parent Reform Act; prohibiting certain circumstances to act as a cause for the modification of custody; providing for codification; and providing an effective date.

An Act relating to marriage; creating the Protective Parent Reform Act; prohibiting certain circumstances to act as a cause for the modification of custody; providing for codification; and providing an effective date.


SECTION 1. NEW LAW A new section of law to be codified in the Oklahoma Statutes as Section <112.4> of Title <43>, unless there is created a duplication in numbering, reads as follows:

This act shall be known and may be cited as the "Protective Parent Reform Act".

SECTION 2. NEW LAW A new section of law to be codified in the Oklahoma Statutes as Section <112.5> of Title <43>, unless there is created a duplication in numbering, reads as follows:

A court shall not restrict or modify the custody or visitation between a parent and a child based solely on one or more of the following actions taken by that parent:

1. A good faith allegation based on a reasonable belief supported by fact that the parent’s child or any other child present with the parent’s child is the victim of:

a. child abuse,

b. neglect,

c. the effects of domestic violence, or

d. the effects of family violence; or

2. A lawful and good faith action in response to the reasonable belief provided for in paragraph 1 of this section to protect the child or seek treatment for the child, including but not limited to reporting these allegations to the appropriate authorities.

SECTION 3. This act shall become effective <November 1, 2008>.


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